Our sustainability roadmap

This section of the website provides you with information on Emeria’s sustainability strategy:   low-carbon trajectory, projects, Group ESG data.

Our vision for sustainable development

Serving the housing industry for several million people in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland, Emeria ensures property enhancement and customer wellbeing. This mission gives rise to the responsibility for providing solutions to the environmental, social and societal questions of our sector, and contributing to more sustainable ways of living.

As a local player, we are committed to sustainable housing and living together better with our customers, tenants, residents, communities and other industry stakeholders, which why our corporate social responsibility (CSR) plan is called “More Sustainable Housing”.

An update of this document is planned at the end of the double materiality exercise to be launched by Emeria this year

Download Emeria’s CSR plan presentation

Emeria’s CSR plan presentation

Sustainability Reports

This section gives access to reports. As Emeria is not obliged to draw up a statement of extra-financial performance (DPEF), these reports and notes are currently published voluntarily to report on the Group’s actions and commitments and to communicate the sustainable strategy to the relevant stakeholders.

Download Emeria’s 2021 CSR report

CSR Emeria Vision

To access our quarterly and annual reports,

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